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Committees Updated
Thank you all for the awesome response for committee volunteers!...
Team Managers Still Needed
We are still looking for Team Managers for: Boys 10U, Girls 12U,...
BSL Travel Schedule
Scorpions-- Based on the input and review of many of...
GOAL for 2018, 1&5 Feb Critical Dates
Scorpions--   Our 2018 season is well underway and it's...
2018 Lax season key dates
Scorpions-- On behalf of the Scorpions Board of Directors, we...
Earlybird all November--2018 Registration is OPEN
Scorpions--registration via www.billingsscorpions.com is "Open"...
Committees Updated

Thank you all for the awesome response for committee volunteers! I have taken each request on a first come basis. There are a few committees that are full, but plenty of opportunities are still available. See below for the updated numbers. 


Billings Scorpions Lacrosse (BSL) is an ALL volunteer organization. The measurement of success for the program depends on you, the VOLUNTEER. Committees have been organized to help continue the growth of lacrosse in the Billings community.


Sponsorship Committee - Drew S - 2 Members Still Need 1 More

The sponsorship committee is responsible for communicating the BSL program to local businesses and attracting sponsors for the upcoming season. They will create and distribute sponsorship brochures to potential donors, record donors contacted with results, and distribute “thank you” gifts to donors at end of season. Ideal for those with visual marketing knowledge and networking contacts.


Fundraising Committee - Josh H - 3 Members

Members of the fundraising committee help organize the BSL annual fundraiser. This includes introducing the fundraiser at our Season Kick Off event and coordinating money collection. Throughout the season we will look to the committee to bring new ideas to our members attention, and to schedule specific events and help raise funds for our club.  If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer to participate in the fundraising committee please let us know!


Uniform/Merchandise Committee - JoLana Z - 2 Members FULL

The uniform/merchandise committee will assist with uniform acquisition and distribution during the uniform swap. Members will also be contacts for Merchandise representatives during Billings Jamboree.


Season Kick-off Event Committee - Sissel G - 3 Members FULL

The members of this committee will aid in planning and executing the Season Kick-off Event in March. This includes developing a theme and acquiring decorations.

Tournament Committee - Joann A - 5 Members   FULL

This committee will help plan and execute the Trailhead Jamboree in April and possible State Tournament in June. This includes: contacting hotels and food trucks for availability, arranging an officials tent with food & beverages, ensuring tables with appropriate supplies at every field, etc.


Equipment Committee - Kelli Gates - 5 Members   FULL

This committee will assist the equipment director in organizing and inventorying of the equipment and storage. This will also include ensuring repairs are made.


Field Committee - TBA - 8 Members Still Need 5 More

This committee is mostly responsible for lining fields and ensuring fields are lacrosse ready. Field lining for practice fields will need to be done several times throughout the season. Field lining for tournaments will need to be completed in the week prior to games. Coach Anita Foster will be the contact for girls fields. Scorpion President Jason Foster will be the contact for boys fields.


Volunteering for a committee satisfies the season credit requirement. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact JoLana Zimmerman:







by posted 02/08/2018
Team Managers Still Needed

We are still looking for Team Managers for: Boys 10U, Girls 12U, and Girls High School. If you are interested please contact me soon! jolanalax@gmail.com


Billings Scorpion Lacrosse is looking for team managers to assist coaches with administrative duties. One is needed for each team. This position requires 2-3 hours of time a week.  



  • Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude

  • Ability to meet with head coach to address daily and weekly needs

  • Liaison between coaching staff and parents of players

  • Must be able to attend practices (before or after) to address any issues

  • Be able to update team information through the League Athletics Website Team Management System

If you are interested in being a team manager, contact JoLana Zimmerman .


by posted 02/05/2018
BSL Travel Schedule


Based on the input and review of many of you, and then voted on by the board, this is the club's proposed travel schedule for 2018.  There are a few small details that will be worked out over the course of February with the MT Youth Lacrosse Association--if there are any tweaks to this schedule, they will be announced at the 11 March season kickoff "potluck" event.

Know that we tried to keep all club teams together this season to the extent possible.  We are also in the process of submitting a "bid" for potential selection to host the state youth tournament in June.   Also, as a reminder, 8U teams will not travel, though we will seek to arrange some out of town games 5/19 for those families willing to travel and participate.

Continued thanks to our many volunteers!  We hope to see you at the "Open" Board meeting on 5 February.  -  Jason





HS Girls










Rapid City

Rapid City

Rapid City






Great Falls




Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole


Bozeman 12U/10U/8U, Helena 14U


Bozeman (State)


State (TBD)

State (TBD)


by posted 02/03/2018
GOAL for 2018, 1&5 Feb Critical Dates



Our 2018 season is well underway and it's great to see many new players and families join the Scorpion family!  We still need more--so push the word out to your friends and teammates from other sports.  We'd like to see our numbers up across the board--know that 12U and 10U boys are borderline as it stands now for 1 vs 2 teams, it'd be great to have more girls on all of our girls teams, and encourage early registration for 8U boys and girls so we can plan accordingly early.  We hope that this season will be rewarding for all!


Thank you:

As a 100% volunteer/non-profit organization, know that many people continue to step forward to serve our kids and our club.  Our coaching directors have been very diligent is recruiting both returning and new coaches, as well as working to train and mentor them between now and the start of the outdoor season.  I am thankful to report that most of our 2017 coaches will again coach in 2018, plus we have many new parents as well as Scorpion "alumni" college-age coaches that will serve with us this year.  Specific lacrosse knowledge is not required--just a willingness to learn the game while teaching life lessons to our kids.  Many parents stepped forward to support our HS Girls team--thank you Lisa Hawley, Kris Fears, and Sissel Goldberg, for being willing to travel and represent the club and team at state meetings… and Brad Hawley for his willingness to become the HS Girls' head coach!  I also know of others in the community who are working to become certified lacrosse officials, even though they have not played lacrosse.  I am encouraged by your courage! 

2018 BSL Board (one position remains 'vacant'): Jason Foster (President), JoLana Zimmerman (Vice President), Josh Hale (Secretary/Treasurer), Drew Smith  

2018 BSL Key Staff: Matt Wolpoe (Boys Coaching Director), Anita Foster (Girls Coaching Director), Kelli Gates (Equipment Director)


1 Feb 2018:

In my message a few weeks back "2018 Lax season key dates" (still posted on our web site), I pointed out that "late" registration begins 1 February (an additional $50 fee).  This date is crucial for a variety of reasons, as we have to make numerous decisions to coordinate for the 2018 season with our state governance board (MLA--MT Lacrosse Association) as well the other teams in the state and region.


The biggest call we have to make a couple of days after 1 Feb is the number of teams in each age division and the head coach of each team (who will need to be "Level 1 certified" by the first games at the Billings Jamboree).  We will finalize the weekends we will travel, with the schedule locked down for all clubs in MT by the end of Feb.  Know that we are working to keep all of our BSL teams travelling to the same locations to the extent possible--to that end, we are looking to add Rapid City as a likely Jamboree destination in April.


5 Feb 2018 OPEN Board meeting:

We will have an Open Board meeting on the 5th of Feb (final time/location will be announced).  If you'd like to know more about club operations, this would be a great meeting to attend.  Know that this year, as a new initiative, we will be forming committees to generate new ideas and help work out many of our clubs' tasks.  Volunteers that serve on these committees will satisfy their Volunteer requirements for the 2018 season.  Initial committees to be filled on 5 Feb:

  • 11 March kick-off event
  • 7 April Jamboree
  • Sponsors
  • Fundraising
  • Equipment


2018 Theme:

As lacrosse brings us together again in 2018, our ongoing efforts are to support our club’s Mission Statement:

GOALs for 2018:

Grit--resolve, perseverance, mental and physical toughness--stick together and support each other as Scorpions--players, coaches, parents, fans

Outside the Box thinking--creatively tackle challenges as a team and club, communicate and cooperate for team success and individual growth

Ambassadorship--make positive impacts, as we are all ambassadors for our club, our teams, and our sport in our community, our state, and beyond

Love--genuine care for each other, value each individual's unique contributions and capabilities, treat each other with respect and dignity--love the game of lacrosse and the others we share it with


Stay tuned to www.billingsscorpions.com for the latest news on events, practices, clinics, and volunteer opportunities. 


Working towards the GOAL on behalf of Scorpions past, present, and future Scorpions in 2018…


  • Jason Foster

BSL President 2017-2018, 8U Boys' Coach, My five lacrosse-playing kids' biggest fan!

by posted 01/22/2018
2018 Lax season key dates


On behalf of the Scorpions Board of Directors, we hope you had a great Christmas with family and friends, and are looking forward to lacrosse in 2018!  Here are a few key notes and "save the dates" for upcoming events between now and our Billings Trailhead Lacrosse Jamboree on 7 Apr 2018.  Note: Coaches will have the liberty to schedule additional practices (such as wall-ball or sports-specific conditioning) besides these events listed below.  


8 Jan 2018--indoor practices begin at the Sports Plex with stick skills sessions.  We have modified our indoor practice format so that the first three weeks of indoor will be to accommodate newer players with primarily stick skills-specific instruction.  We will host a 1-hour boys session and a 1-hour girls session each Monday and Wednesday through 24 Jan.  See your teams' schedule for specific information.  8U players are welcome at indoor practices up and until the indoor team practices begin 14 Feb.

29 Jan 2018--indoor practices morph into advanced individual skills for all players.... shooting, defensive footwork, faceoffs/draws, or position-specific skills (such as for goalies) and others to be determined will take place on 29 & 31 Jan, as well as 5, 7, & 12 Feb.  Again--watch your teams' schedule for specific information.     

1 Feb 2018--late registration begins

14 Feb 2018--team indoor practices begin for the 14U teams as well as the HS girls.  Starting 18 Feb, all teams (10U and above) will be afforded at least one team practice per week at the Sports Plex.  The last indoor practice at the Sports Plex will occur on 7 Mar.  Reminder--8U teams will not begin "team" practice until April. 

7 Mar 2018--fundraising event at Buffalo Wild Wings

11 Mar 2018--Season Kickoff Potluck (time/location to be determined)

12 Mar 2018--outdoor practices begin.  Practice locations and days/times will be locked down in January.  Due to the increased number of teams and players, we likely will not be able to have all teams practicing on the same nights as we have in the past, but we do anticipate being able to host all practices in the south Billings area similar to past years.   

7 Apr 2018--Billings Trailhead Lacrosse Jamboree


As for the rest of the travel and game schedule, it is still being worked out with the other clubs across the state.  The board will release our club's schedule once the board commits the club to a schedule in January.  Know that the Jackson Hole Mountain Roundup is 12-13 May 2018, Memorial Day weekend will again be an "open" weekend, and the Youth State Tournament for the 14U and 12U teams will be 2-3 June 2018 (location TBD).


Coaches--we will be looking to hold a coaches meeting(s) for returning and prospective coaches during the first half of January, then hold some boys/girls coaches training sessions during late January and early February before our team indoor practices begin.


Volunteer Opportunities--expect to see opportunities come out next month for a variety of needs as the season ramps up.  Any volunteer opportunities will count for 2018 season volunteer credits. 


May we each conduct ourselves with personal integrity, selfless service, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all of our endeavors in 2018.  I'm thankful for how this great sport continues to bring us together as a lacrosse community in Billings and beyond, and I appreciate the hard work and dedication of all of our volunteers, players, parents, and extended family and friends that will help make the 2018 Scorpion season a mission success!



Jason Foster

BSL President 2017-2018, 8U Boys' Coach, My five lacrosse-playing kids' biggest fan!



The mission of the Billings Scorpions Lacrosse Club is to inspire participation for both boys and girls within our club boundaries in the game of lacrosse. The organization’s goal is to instill positive life lessons for all participants through teamwork, working towards common goals, personal development, competition and most of all having fun at various skill levels and age.

We strive to provide the highest level of coaching instruction at each age level to ensure individual growth within the sport. Respect for the game of lacrosse, teammates, opponents, officials and coaches is the cornerstone of our teaching philosophy.

Billings Scorpion Lacrosse assumes a leadership role within the Montanan lacrosse community to promote reasonable, ethical, and sustainable growth of the sport.


by posted 12/28/2017
Earlybird all November--2018 Registration is OPEN

Scorpions--registration via www.billingsscorpions.com is "Open" for the 2018 season!  Register by the end of November to take advantage of a $50 "early bird" discount. 


Spread the word... Go SCORPIONS!!!

- Billings Scorpions Lacrosse


by posted 10/29/2017
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